JCS Shooting Ambassadors


Jessica Bessler is a 3 Gun shooter based out of Oregon. Starting her career in November of 2017, she dove head first into training. With less than 2 years of competition experience, the dedication and drive she has to become a better, well-rounded shooter is astonishing. From last place finishes early in her career to top 25% overall at majors has been a huge improvement and great to watch. Being meticulous about shot placement, transitions, footing and her overall stage plans allow her to attack each stage and perform well. She is constantly learning, practicing and working with other shooters to improve herself and the 2a community around her. We are proud to have her on the team and cannot wait to watch her grow even more as a shooter

John Dolan

John recently retired from Active Duty with the U.S. Army in 2016 after serving as an Infantryman and Aviation Operations Specialist with 2 tours to Iraq and 1 Afghanistan. He is currently working as a contractor with the Army as a Battle Master.

John is also a Team Member/Brand ambassador for The Blue Bullets Shooting Team, Red Hill Tactical Holsters, Hodgdon Powders, Weapons Shield, and most recently accepted an offer to represent JCS Weapon Designs. John served as an Instructor for 3GUN4VETS where his friendship with JCS’s owner began.

John competes in and is a member of 3Gun Nation, United Multigun League and USPSA, you can find him at matches in Alabama as well as Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina.  He has shot multiple State, Regional and Section Championships in USPSA, IDPA and 3GUN with several top 3 finishes within his Class/Division.  He has shot in the following Divisions…… Unlimited and Practical (3GN) as well as Open, Limited and Carry Optics (USPSA). In 2018, he finished 5th of 59 competitors for Semi Pro/Unlimited Division in the 3Gun Nation Club Series and holds a Top Classifier Performance on the 3Gun Nation Leader Board for Classifier 47-17 “Crash & Burn” in Unlimited/Semi Pro.

John prefers to run a Mossberg 930 JM Pro with OR3GUN parts, an Aero Precision Rifle with Nitrid3 BCG, Vortex Optics, Elfmann Trigger and Bergara 1:8 Barrel, a Caspian Race pistol and customized Glock 34 fitted with Vortex Optics. 

John thanks his family and friends for their support as well as the sponsors that support the Shooting Industry. Without them, the bigger matches and events would not be possible. 

John knows personally and insists that if you are a veteran and missing that team unity, camaraderie and great times with like-minded buddies, go check out the shooting sports in your area.  Find a range that holds competitions near you and talk with the shooters there.  “See what you might be missing because   we are a great group who would love to assist new shooters with answers and knowledge.”  “We all started there at some point, odds are it was an experienced shooter who got us started.”

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